About Me

From Quality Professional To Developer.

My name is Neco Horne. I was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa. From a young age I have always been an obsessive person, be it with books, games, music or any new skill that I wanted to learn. I would spend hours dedicated to the object of my current obsession. I have always been interested in science, engineering and technology. My career started as a Quality Control Inspector on the NMPP project for State owned entity Transnet. Being driven and focused, my career goals were soon set; I was going to become a Project Quality Manager before the age of 25. My career obsession was to reach this goal, and at the age of 25 I reached my goal - becoming Project Quality Manager for the second largest construction project in the world.


“It never got weird enough for me.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

Having reached my goal I had a "now what?" moment. I was no longer interested, nor fulfilled in my chosen career or position. I started looking for something that I enjoy doing; something I can see myself making a creative career out of. At the age of 28, I decided to make a career change. I enjoyed the in depth data analysis of the project metrics involved with my Quality career, specifically writing formulas and functions for analysis in excel; and so my interest in coding and development was born. My first stepping stones were taking online courses in coding. Starting with basic HTML and CSS, moving over to Python and Java. A new obsession created...